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EZ Website Support provides comprehensive website security – support that keeps your website stable, secure, functioning, and up-to-date. Keeping your WordPress site safe and healthy requires constant attention.

It can take up a lot of your precious time, but neglecting your website can lead to a hacked or broken site which results in lost sales opportunities. When you use EZ Website Support, you’ll get a team of website experts who will handle all of your website maintenance, support, and security!

Website Maintenance

We take care of all important maintenance for your website including regular backups, security updates & patches, WordPress Plugin & Theme Updates/Repairs and technical troubleshooting.

Here are just some of the maintenance issues EZ Website Support can handle for you:

  • Slow loading time
  • Page errors
  • Browser differences
  • Broken links
  • Script errors
  • Back up restoration
  • Hosting changes
  • Domain changes
  • Improperly imbedded code
  • Broken plugins
  • Page formatting issues
  • Broken sliders/menus
  • Server errors
  • Website version changes
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Website Support

Don’t be held hostage by your slow, unresponsive developer! With EZ Website Support, you can have a website team on hand so that you get your updates done overnight, hassle-free.

Our support makes it quick and easy to get your website changes done, including:

  • Adding a new blog post
  • Changing colors on your site
  • Adding a new image
  • Changes to your social media icons
  • Adding a new module or plugin
  • And more!
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Website Security

We install security measures to prevent hacks and to keep the hackers out. We also make sure that your site is backed up on a consistent schedule.

  • Has your website been hacked or infected with a virus? We’ll update the core, plugins, themes, and admin security settings to handle the malware and then take measures against future attacks.
  • We help prevent potential security breaches by regularly scanning for malware.
  • Get a Security Socket Layer (SSL) added to your website that protects your domain!
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Get started today and choose the plan that best fits your business – and we’ll do the rest!

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